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Interview with Titi Bamberger – Samoreau 2011

patrus: When did you start liking this music so much?

Titi: Well, already in my early childhood, when I heard this music together with all my relatives – although they already played gypsy music, Django Reinhardt was always something special in my world – Django is the great „king of guitarists“… and always will be – you can see this until today . eg. on this campground in Samoreau with these enthusiastic people and fans of Django and this music – we all play – how inspired they are by Django…it is a dream, when Django plays some of his world class music…Django and the Hot Club Quintett de France is fantastic, what everybody still says and Django’s fans constantly confirm, it is and always will be a phenomenon…and for me anyway this music is „top of the world“……

patrus: What is Django for you?

Titi: Django and this music made me making music, because I love it that much in my heart, through that it happened, that Django became my pupose of life and I couldn’t imagine anymore to live without Django’s music… is barely unthinkable for me….

patrus: If you could ask a question to Django what will it be?

Titi: I would ask Django, whether he would have me join his concerts and allow me to travel with him in his caravan….

patrus: Tell us about what is Samois for you?

Titi: Samois-sur-Seine – the place where Django lived and passed away – it is a „magnet“ and I think that these thousands of people, coming here, are magically attracted…..when I leave with my caravan to go home or somewhere else, I everyday think of coming back the next year, I work on that and it doesn’t matter, what might happen, I would always come back here….because my passion for it draws me back here…..

patrus: For Gypsy how do you feel about seeing the world traveling in Samois?

Titi: Well, when you see, how many people from all over the world travel here, to meet again with friends, to make music together, just to be where Django lived and played his music…it is a dream to have such a tremendous „family“… although we’re sometimes living thousands of kilometers away from each other, it’s due to Django that we all meet once a year at this place…..

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